12 Braids You Have To See

As you know, a woman wears braids when she wants to look beautiful. There are a lot of reasons, because it’s very old as a tradition, people feel good when they see braids, etc. If you want to wear braids like other women, it’s enough to look at this article.

Two Braids

Wear two braids which look from both sides, remind to people old days, especially old school days.

Simple and Short

Look at this, it’s very simple and easy-going for short hair. And it still looks classy.

One side

Using just one side to make a braid reminds me of a woman who from tales. Especially animation character Elsa who appears in Frozen.


Do your braids as you want. It’s the helper of the free people.

School days

It reminds the school days hairstyles but why it can’t use in the office? It is convenient for business women too.


It may be looking a little bit hard but don’t worry, it’s not too hard and it looking like a queen.

Beach style

When you going to the beach, it helps you to don’t think about the maintenance of the hair and keep the fresh looking.

Old and fashion

Sometimes the way of looking elegant is to do the traditional ways. This hairstyle is one of them

Back braids

The people who look you from the back, will still keep looking to you.


It’s looking very simple, and it may be a helper of the days when you are in a hurry.


The woman is waiting for Prince Charming, like a princess being.

Short and Back

This is the smart hairstyle because of these braids in back. And it looking great both from the front and from the back.

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