6 Easy Updos For People With Long Hair

Sometimes it’s a big problem having a long hair, and you just want to get it out of your face. However, if you know the how make the best hair with least energy, long hair will be good opportunity for you. Here, we listed updo hairstyles which are easy and looking great you.

French braids into pig tails

It’s a very easy to do this updo. First step, you want to part your hair in whichever way you want. After that, you will then either dutch or French braid each section of your hair. Then, you should make sure that you don’t braid all the way down, rather stop halfway through and after put the remaining hair into a pony tail, then viola! It’s done.

Two Braids into a Bun

It’s a very elegant updo which you can do quickly. It adds to women’s fun and braveness.

Single Braid into Ponytail

You can do Dutch braid or French braid for this easy updo. This looks simple and impressive, by the way very fun.

Teased ponytail

A ponytail is elegant hair and good choice for a woman but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. If you section your hair off you will have two ponytails, and it will look more cute.


This updo is very good combination with long hair.You can bored due to long hair sometimes, in this times it’s better the putting you bun.

Braided ponytail

First, you have your hair in a ponytail, after that braid that hair and tie it off with a ruberband. You will have a great look with a ponytail.

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