8 Hair Styles You Gotta Try If Your Hair Isn’t Mermaid Length

You know, nobody is a beauty guru. Everybody has some defects. Some girls complain about their hair because they are not long. You are already pretty girls if even you don’t have long hair. Let find some hair ideas for you who don’t have long hair.

Casual Queen

If you use a regular braid this hairstyle could also look super bomb. It depends on your motivation and skills.

Slip Slidin Away

Night or day doesn’t matter. You can always get attention. Furthermore, it’s not as hard as it looks.

Business in The Front

We don’t forget the classic half-up ponytail! If you want to keep your hair out of your face, you have a good option. It is easy-going with all hair types.

Double Trouble

Buns are the easiest way to make hair which looks fabulous. You don’t need more time for this, just 5 minutes is enough.

Simple Top Knot

I advise that you can put the bun top of your head. Therefore, it looks classy. The best thing about this hair, it is always looking fashionable You can wear this until the end of your life.

Meet in The Middle

You may afraid of this model because this braid looks a little bit hard. But don’t worry, you will be good while you do it.

Bun and Done

This hair model looks so pretty and simple. You can look like a Grecian goddess with making some changes to your hair.

Twist it Up

What a pretty, huh? You can wear this model easily. Twist or braid, you can turn your hair into a simple, mini updo that makes you feel like you on the red carpet.

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